What methods are available to apply a content type?

What are the different ways a type can be applied to all markdown posts in a nested section? I have read about the cascade, but I want to know if there are other methods to do so, to distinguish content types.

In order of precedence, a content’s .Type is defined by:

  1. The type value set in front matter
  2. Cascading the type front matter value from an ancestor (including site configuration at the top of the tree)
  3. The top level directory

Could you kindly elaborate on point number 2? I guess the ancestor is the _index.md​ file? How is type set in site configuration?

Yes, all the way up the tree to content/_index.md, and anywhere in between. Precedence increases as you move down the tree.

The highest level, and with the least precedence, is the site config.

I think the ancestor method is the easiest and it is the one I will use going forward.

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