What does hugo-nav do?

When I started reading the docs I vaguely remember what hugo-nav was supposed to do, but now that I’m trying to read about it again I cannot find anything about it, just an example like <li hugo-nav="{{ .RelPermalink }}">

The main reason I’m looking for more info on it is that when I run my site through an html5 validator, it complains that hugo-nav isn’t allowed as an attribute, so I wanted to see if using data-hugo-nav was understood by hugo (data-*)


I know this is a bit old thread, but the question is unanswered, so…

I just stumbled upon this when reading 3. Listing all content in a given taxonomy in documentation and also would be glad to know what this does exactly… The algolia search doesn’t seem to find anything about this in documentation and, in the issue tracker, I only found this pretty old (2013) issue, where this is discussed and is stated that the functionality is gone and documentation is to be updated, so… I should guess documentation is still awaiting to be updated about it?

I also searched over the forum and seems like other people are using this «feature» more recently, but there is zero explanation about it, not ever a mention about their use, so:

Would anyone care to explain what this does (if it does anything at all)?


And sorry for reviving the old topic.

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