What counts as a link in a newbie post?

Can someone kindly tell me what constitutes a “link” in a newbie post? I’ve just spent much of the evening writing a rather lengthy post with some questions about Hugo but when I try to create the topic, it tells me that newbie posters like me are only allowed two links in a post.

That’s fine and I will remove the surplus links if someone can just tell me what a link looks like in this bulletin board. To my way of thinking, a link is something that starts with “http://” and I only had ONE of those. I took it out anyway but am still getting the same message. I did NOT click the link icon on the tool bar at any point in composing my post.

Is it taking something like “li.html” as a link?? I have a few such references in my post to make it crystal clear what I am talking about in my questions. How can I rewrite those so I don’t lose any clarity in my question.

Try putting code formatting around it like `li.html` and see if that helps.


li.html li.html li.html

Okay, that worked. I just put backtics around li.html and repeated it a few times and got no error messages.
I’ll try my original post again.

Thanks for the suggestion!