Weird render when implement multi-author on Persian

I try to make a new website for various authors but the theme that I chose can’t render the index page in the correct way.

I chose Persian theme, a simple blog theme. That theme was make for one author, but when I try implement various authors I don’t find any restrictions.

The website is host on Gitlab. I upload the theme, change the configuration file and I can run the website from internet. But I did everything with the original content, so I have the original articles of the Persian theme.

As the project is for a 3 authors (for now), I create for all of them a author’s page. Then, I create an article for a respective author, and finally I delete all original (default) posts, but when I did that the blog looks awful. Instead of load three articles of three authors the blog shows the author’s page.

I can’t understand why the Persian theme can’t work with various authors, and I don’t know why the index.html (layouts/index.html) loads the author’s page like a post.

PS: When I create more random articles the index file fixes the issue, but for now the authors only can publish 3 articles, so I can’t show them the final process.