Version numbers as variables

Hi All,

I have a documentation project in which the release notes for each release are all on one page. For each version, there is a table listing the dependencies and their version numbers. Because some of these version numbers occur on another page too, I wanted to turn them into variables and use a shortcode to pull them in, or find some other way to avoid editing them in both pages, because they are easy to overlook. Adding params to the config file was my first idea, however, that would overwrite all the tables on the same page with the current version numbers. Which is not what I want, because older releases obviously use older versions. Do you have any suggestions on how to handle this? Would it be too complicated and is it better to just leave them as text?

Thank you very much for any input on this!

You can refer the document site of ISTIO project and it’s repository is here :, the online effect like this:

Hope it can help you.