Variables inside JavaScript

Is this still the case today?

No, you can use @params to pass any variables to your javascript processed by js.Build.

How would it work with such a code? I want {{ . }} to be picked up by the JS.

{{- with }}
<script >
window.minimalAnalytics = {
  trackingId: '{{ . }}',
  autoTrack: true, // <-- init tracking
{{- end }}

Edit: This worked. But I am still interested to know if/how the @params method would work.

Something like this:


import params from "@params";

window.minimalAnalytics = {
  trackingId: params.trackingId,
  autoTrack: true, // <-- init tracking

In HTML template:

{{- $js := resources.Get "script.js" -}}
{{- $opts := dict 
  "params" (dict "trackingId" 
{{- $js = $js | js.Build $opts -}}
<script src="{{ $js.Permalink }}"></script>

EDIT: Fixed a typo


Getting error parse failed unterminated quoted string in action. Also, tried with and without quotes, but the javascript is printed “as is”.

(() => {
  // <stdin>
  window.minimalAnalytics = {
    trackingId: "params.trackingId",
    autoTrack: true

So @pamubay is, as always, right. Passing params as an option to js.Build is the very best/simplest way to pass configuration etc. to the JS side. But I think there is a typo with the quotes in the example with the quoute before site.

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Sorry, fixed.

Thanks y’all. This works now. Cheers! @bep is the “ExecuteAsTemplate” method still a suitable method?

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