Use custom pagination with "displayPaginator"

Based on this answer, if displayPaginator = true, is it possible to define custom pagination instead which is in the partials folder rather than Hugo’s? cc @jmooring

Yes, just change the call in layouts/_default/multipage.html.

Just out of curiosity, is there something in particular about the embedded pagination template that is undesirable or missing?

I am not a fan of navigations that overflow on small devices (since I have to use a larger line height to make them jump to the next line). Also, some spans being inside the <a> tag made styling them a bit problematic. I use simple pagination with previous, current and next post features. But I will revisit the internal pagination within a week once I have my test site up and running on Cloudflare pages. I also found this issue which I am unsure if it was resolved.

Here’s a test site (10,000 pages) we used during some performance improvements on the internal pagination template:

git clone --single-branch -b hugo-github-issue-8602 hugo-github-issue-8602
cd hugo-github-issue-8602
hugo server

And the lighthouse results:

Related to width… by default there are as many as 9 buttons (first, prev, slots 1-5, next, last). But there’s an undocumented, alternate format that reduces that to a maximum of 7 buttons (first, prev, slots 1-3, next, last). Details here:

Related to styling… the structure and class names are, I think, standard (if such a thing exists). For example, out of the box with Bootstrap it looks and works as expected.

The test site that I referenced above includes some CSS for the nav; perhaps there’s something useful in there for you.


Thanks for this. I will test it out. Btw, how do I make your answer work with [permalink] defined as post= "/:slug/"? It only showed the first page.

Edit: the ‘terse’ is a good option. The CSS issue mentioned below remains though.

I have checked the classes again and redid the styling! Now using the internal pagination.

Is there a way to hide first and last link? or do I use CSS?

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