Unified Author model

We have been going back and forth on getting a “unified Author model” in Hugo, without finding a common ground. I have been pushing the “getting it right” button, because taking something back once it is released, is hard …

I have sketched out a proposal of how I see it here:

Comments, suggestions are most welcome.

I was making a website based on a book. The book had an index of authors. I converted the book index into yaml. Hugo 0.17 provides great opportunities to work with such a database. I do not understand why authors need to be dragged into a configuration file if exist /data/ mechanism?

  • The “why” is well established (theme portability, avoiding having each Hugo user having to invent the same wheel etc.)
  • The authors will be loadable from /data, which should be evident if you read the entire proposal.

If you want to continue the “why” discussion, please start your own thread.