Two div sections one markdown file

Hey guys, I have a very weird layout where we have a side bar that follows you. Because of the structure, our content section is currently broken up in two parts. Is there a way to use a single markdown file to fill both sections?

Example structure:

<section id="main" class="content-container article-pad-v">
  <div class="d-flex container justify-content-between section_1">
    <div class="content-left-side">
        {{ index .Params "headline" | markdownify }}
      <div class="information">
        // section 1

    <div class="pl-3 content-right-side d-flex">
        <div class="bio">

    <div class="container section_2">
        class="content position-relative mt-4 d-flex justify-content-between position-relative"
            <div class="content-left-side">
            {{ .Content }}

Here’s one approach…


title = "Test"
date = 2020-08-22T07:02:03-04:00
draft = false
This is the content for the **first** section.
<!-- section break -->
This is the content for the **second** section.


{{ define "main" }}
  <h1>{{ .Title }}</h1>

  {{- $sectionDelimiter := "<!-- section break -->" -}}
  {{- $rawContentSections := split .RawContent $sectionDelimiter -}}
  {{- if gt (len $rawContentSections) 1 -}}
    <div id="section-1">
      {{ index $rawContentSections 0 | .RenderString }}
    <div id="section-2">
      {{ index $rawContentSections 1 | .RenderString }}
  {{- else -}}
    <div id="content-not-split-into-sections">
      {{ .Content }}
  {{- end -}}

{{ end }}

This will work, thank you for your help!

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