Tutorial: Make a Hugo blog from scratch

Awesome tutorial, thank you so much OP.

I have one question though. The blog posts don’t appear in the “blog” directory inside “public” after generating the site with the “hugo” command for me. They’re must free floating inside the “public” folder.

Is that normal, or have I messed up somewhere?

Glad to hear it was helpful.

That’s happening because of how permalinks are configured. Remove that from the config file if you don’t want it.

Perfect. That worked, thank you.

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I’m confused on the capitalization of the site menu configs when referenced from our nav. We set the site configuration for [[menu.main]] with the items “url” and “name”, but our code in anchor tags is “.URL” and “.Name” and that casing is super important it seems. What am I missing?

It doesn’t seem you’re missing anything. The case is indeed important when those fields are referenced.

I was, but I phrased my question poorly. Specifically, it seemed like we were creating those menu configurations like ad-hoc key value pairs, and I couldn’t understand why the casing would be different when we referenced them or how we would know that’s the case. I didn’t realize there was a prescribed list of menu entry properties (https://gohugo.io/variables/menus/).

Ah I see. Glad you found your answer :+1: