Toml is breaking and i am not sure why

I am running this version of hugo: hugo v0.111.3+extended linux/amd64 BuildDate=2023-03-16T08:41:31Z VendorInfo=debian:0.111.3-1

I have this in my toml front matter:

video_schema_title = "+32 video title | #tag #tag #tag"
video_schema_video_name = "+32 video title | #tag #tag #tag"
video_schema_video_description = "video description"
video_schema_thumbnail_url = "_yt:vidid"
video_schema_upload_date = "Dec 29, 2022"
video_schema_duration = "32S"
video_schema_embed_url = ""
video_schema_author_name = "name"
video_schema_publisher_name = "name"
video_schema_publisher_logo_url = "/profile.webp"
video_schema_publisher_logo_height = 1920
video_schema_publisher_logo_width = 1080
video_schema_has_part = [
 {name = "", startOffset = 30, endOffset = 60, description = ""},
 {name = "", startOffset = 60, endOffset = 90, description = ""}

this code breaks my toml file. Anything that comes after this series of code will break

if i remove that block of code everything is fine.

What could be causing this error?

Your code is valid.

But the sentence “Anything that comes after this series of code will break” is a bit weird. Is it this code that breaks the page? Or what comes after that that is the problem?

Ideally, I’d like to have the full front matter of the page, to see what comes before and, especially, what comes after…

I wanted to come clarify the cause of this issue.

I was using a hugo theme that didn’t properly handle front matter. I was able to work it out that if you have local bundle resources and any other type of images their code would cause the build to fail.

This would lead to random errors but the issue was image handling.

For instance if you had images in this format “main-image.jpg” “/other-image.jpg”

the build would break.

Moral of the story, if you’re getting random build fails it could be your theme that’s broken.