TOC disappears immediately, how to make it stay put?

Hi, this is my first post, I hope it’s easy to follow!

I am building a website (Even theme) using RStudio. For one of my main pages (i.e., not a blog post), I would like the table of contents to show. However, it seems to only show while the page is loading, then disappears immediately. It seems like maybe there’s some other code that is overwriting it, such that by the time the page loads in full, the table of contents is undone.

Here is the webpage as it is currently published (if you refresh the page, you can see the toc for a split second before it disappears):

Here is the github repository for the project:

The page is Teaching.html, which is rendered automatically by the blogdown package in RStudio from Teaching.Rmd. It is located in the content folder.

Please let me know if there is more that I can provide to make this easier. I am grateful for any help you can provide is fixing this bug!

Some extra background, if useful: For the files in content/post, everything works fine. However, these used to do the same thing. I got around that by rendering the posts to .markdown files instead of .html files, which for some reason did the trick. I do not know why that worked. I tried doing the same thing for the files in the content folder, but I am unable to render as .markdown files (there is some automated process that renders those to .html, even when I repeat what I did for the files in the /post folder).

I’m not entirely sure what’s going on, but commenting out these lines makes your toc show. You may want to ask the theme maintainers directly for help as this is a JS issue, and therefore outside the scope of the forum.

Interesting, I commented those lines out and the TOCs on the blog pages lost some aesthetic features. But still not showing on the Teaching page.

Thank you for taking a crack at it; you might be right about contacting the theme developer.