This site can’t be reached error for taxonomy pages


Today, I just noticed that my website is broken in a way, at least in Chrome. If you visit my website: (using Chrome), and navigate to any taxonomy page from the links on the card of each post, it loads fine. But, if you reload, you’ll get the error:

This site can’t be reached
The webpage at<tagName>/ might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

I went ahead and tried in Firefox, and the initial navigation works fine in that too. However, on a reload, the capital letter of the tag name gets converted to a small one and loads the page.

For example: The URL on reload will automatically change to and it works normally. So, I tried the same thing in Chrome and the second link works normally in Chrome with any number of reloads.

So, my question is, what should I do in this case? How do I avoid the error with my current setup?

My repo:

Configure disablePathToLower

It’s already configured to true and when I run hugo, I can see that all the taxonomy folder have their names with the case maintained. The error still appears.

My bad, this error was because of Netlify and not Hugo. It was ‘prettying’ my URLs.

Sorry to bother.

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