Themes not showing on github-page

Hi! I’m trying to use Hugo with github pages but I can’t get the theme I want to get transfered when publishing to the github page.

I’m using the github page repository as a submodule to my source repository and then I use that submodule path as the publishdir in the config file.

Would appreciate if someone could guide me in the right direction because at the moment I’m at a loss…

Here is the source repository:
Here is the build repository:

Thanks for the reply!
Tried to remove the .git files, still no luck…

I also tried to move the build and deployment to Wercker without any luck…
Still looking for help and guidelines!

Source repository
Build repository

Try to use https instead of http as prefix in your baseurl. Look here for an explanation.

It’s a common mistake. My general advise: always check the console in the developer tools of your browser. Press F12 and look for a tab called console. At best you shouldn’t see error messages like the current:

We should add a note to the docs.


My approach is to always use baseurl="/". Then you don’t have to bother if it is HTTP or https or whatever.

Perfect, this was the problem… That was a stupid mistake!
But it works perfectly now!

Thanks for all the help! Really appreciate it! :tada::confetti_ball:

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