Theme suggestions similar to Academic?

Hello all,

I’m looking to upgrade my personal site from Pelican. I need the following features:

  • Simplicity
  • Code syntax highlighting
  • LaTeX
  • Social media support (e.g. Twitter stream feeds)

I’ve looked at Academic, but it seems heavyweight. I might still try it, but it seems that you install Academic and then Hugo, and you have 2 separate repos to manage.

By contrast, using ananke I can keep my blog source in master and serve it from gh-pages in the same repo. And change themes just by checking out a different git submodule and changing theme in config.toml.

However, ananke seems harder to customize and doesn’t have LaTex support.

Suggestions? Or should I bite the bullet with Academic?

(I am a researcher, and will have things like software documentation and papers on the site.)

I’m not sure what you mean by

I haven’t used the Acacdemic theme, but it looks like it works like most other themes. It ‘installs’ into the theme directory (as a submodule or just copy the files, depending on your hosting needs). The documentation may look a bit different because the developer(s) of Academic are trying to make things easier for beginners.

I reckon if you like the look of Academic, then go for it. If you prefer the look of Ananke, and you’re not afraid of a small bit of HTML, then it shouldn’t be hard to add Latex support to that theme.