Theme(s)/modules/setup that best match these photography requirements?

Dear Hugo Community,

I could do with your input and help concerning which theme(s)/modules/setup
could best match the following requirements (I am a photographer):

  1. front page is a grid of images where the grid can be tuned to blend in
    image title on hover over (a nice to have)

  2. clicking on a front page grid image will go to a single page displaying
    the image and various info and links. No lightbox (was never a fan).
    display another gallery grid of images ie. for portfolio/image genre

  3. simple header and footer menu containing links to hugo md pages or
    to external links ie. contact/booking form

Basically as close to my current website as possible:

I spent a couple of days going thru various themes but there must be
members here who have done something similar.

Any and all help/tips much appreciated.


Perhaps you need to add a warning that your site is NSFW…

Here is a nice example using Tailwind

I read about the koken CMS you are using, looks interesting, shame it wasn’t earning enough for the devs to keep it going.
I wonder what the licensing is for their grid javascript, you might have to find an alternative.

A lot of theme writers are doing the themes for themselves. As a result there tends to be a lot of themes for blogging about web development.
Very easy to get a theme with cool syntax highlighting.
I’m also a photographer and didn’t find so many image orientated themes.
E.g. I wanted image thumbnails on next and prev blog posts, surprisingly hard to find a theme with those.

Didn’t really bother me, I wrote my own templates. It isn’t that difficult, the templating language is simple and the methods available really powerful.
I’d start with a theme just to have a start point, save you having to look up how to add a css file for example.