The Reserve Force - a website for U.S. military members

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Hey Friends,

I wanted to share my latest Hugo built website, The Reserve Force. The work for this website started many months ago and was a slow burn. This, while the website went live today, the theme doesn’t take advantage of many of the cool new features Hugo has released in the last 10 or so versions.

Through 2020 we’ll be adding features to the website and more importantly for this crowd, Hugo specific features to showcase what our beloved static site generator can accomplish.

After serving in the U.S. Navy reserves for years and working in silicon valley tech companies, I’m trying to combine my talents to help out my fellow shipmates. I built this website (an MVP at the moment) in order to provide the resources I felt were missing when I served. If you want to learn more about why I made it, read here and you can visit The Reserve Force here.



Are you willing and able to post a link to your theme download?

Hey. The theme is a custom theme I made and it’s in the same repository as the rest of the website. The repository can be found here:

Looking over the site you may need to finish your bio. It ends with “He joined the U.” and stops.

The paragraphs for Contact us and the Reserve Pay Chart are incomplete as well. (At least the page content doesn’t have the links indicated.)

Cheers, good luck with your initiative!

Thank you for your Service!

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Hey thanks for posting. Those paragraphs are complete on their appropriate pages. What you’ve linked to is the “all” pages which gives summaries of the pages within. The summaries cut off the content, which is a problem that I’ll fix in the near future. If you go straight to the About Page for example, you’d see the full bio.

Thank you for sharing feedback. Reminds me that I need to take care of that summary page.

Thank you.