Taxonomy Values

Newbie here–I am struggling to find in the docs or on this forum mention of how to generate a page which contains a list of all values for a particular taxonomy.

For example, I have a directory of businesses, and I defined this taxonomy in my config file:
state= "states"

and my content files have the taxonomy defined in the front matter. Such as
states= "CA"
states= "TX"

I would like generate a page like public/states/index.html that lists all possible values for states. In this case: CA, TX

I’m not asking how to iterate through the different values for the taxonomy–that is clear in the docs. I’m asking what to call my layout file and where to put it so that the html index page is generated.

The info in appears to only be for generating a page related a particular taxonomy value (ex. public/states/tx).

Thanks very much. I hope this is easy (seems like it should be). I’m having a lot of fun with Hugo.

Ben should be the page you are looking for. is exactly what I’m looking for. Thanks! Sorry I missed that.