[Taxonomy] Filter tags based on category selected


When using Taxonomy with Tags and Categories, I notice that most themes that include this functionality, they dont “work” together.

Say that I have 3 categories, with sometimes different, and sometimes the same tags.

  • Cars
    • Sporty
    • Family
    • 2 seater
  • Bikes
    • Sporty
    • 2 seater
    • Cruiser
  • Roller scates
    • 4 wheel
    • 5 Wheel
    • In-line
    • Side-by-side

e.g. In the themes I have tried, if I choose “Sporty” - The resulting pages would be from both Cars and Bikes.
and if I choose the category Cars, I would rather it only shows the 3 available tags for cars and not all available tags.

I have not been able to figure out if this is possible, and searching haven’t helped me as well unfortunately.

there’s several post in here with similiar issue, in this case you want the based on category and some other based on section

Not sure if this doable but if its possible it can make you theme more complicated.

instead using category what about if You create 3 section (Cars Bikes and Roller Scates) and then you create different taxonomies (it can be category or tag) for each section

   carstag = "carstags"  # taxonomy for cars section 
   bikestag = "bikestags" # taxonomy for bikes section

More simple and make sense IMO.

Yes, it can be marked as a solution (simple way ).

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