Tags by content type?

So I have two content types - post and note. Front matter has tags for both of them.
When displaying tag list, is there a way to filter tags by the content type? Otherwise on my post page, I end up seeing tags that are only attached to the note content.

I’m on Hugo Static Site Generator v0.45.1 windows/amd64

It would be helpful to see your current setup. Can you share your code?

@rraghur same as this thread?

Yes… That’s exactly what I’m after as well… looks like it’s not easy to do

You can use different names for tags

tags1 = […]
tags2 = […]

and build taxonomies over this different tags-names.

I used it to tag all my blogs and order it to series

tags        = ["2018", "Tuning", "HTML", "ATOM"]
series      = ["Tuning"]

don’t forget to set it in the config file

    tag                    = "tags"
    serie                  = "series"

Thank you - yeah - that’s the route I’ve taken.