Tags and categories in feed && gitignoring but still uploading

  1. Probably, it’s possible to include tags and categories of posts in rss feed(s). (And avoid the incidental mess of including (non-existent) tags / categories in pages rss feeds.)
{{ range .Params.categories }}
<a href="{{ $baseurl }}categories/{{ lower . | urlize }}" rel="category">{{ . }}</a>
{{ end }}


{{ range .Params.tags }}
<a href="{{ $baseurl}}tags/{{ lower . | urlize }}" rel="tag">{{ . }}</a>
{{ end }}

didn’t work for me.
Sorry, it’s a stupid question, I admit, but what was wrong?

  1. Git + GitLab + Hugo = a dream team (for me). (Where have you been 10 years ago? :slight_smile: )

Git is also a good tool for uploading. But I have a lot of pdfs etc., I’m changing them, and version control just duplicates temporary files. I need them for several days, and after…

There are many ways of dealing with blobs.

  1. LFS
  2. Submodules
  3. git rm --cached filename.pdf #after uploading

I’d prefer to gitignore folder (say ‘static/files’) but still upload its content to the server. To keep an archive on server, but not in my version control story and home directory. Is it possible?

If not, please share experience. I may guess that this question was already answered.

not sure but it could be something like this

{{ range $index, $element := .Site.Taxonomies.categories }}
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