Table of Content - How do you exclude it from picking Blockquotes heading


How do you exclude the TOC from working on blogquotes? I noticed it doesn’t show the headings in Blogquotes but just shows the list-style dot.

What is or are “blogquotes”?

Sorry - I mean Blockquotes. - See sample here. The TOC shows the heading in blockquotes but doesn’t display the text.

I think that is how markup in markdown works. If the headline is on the “outermost level” (root level?) then it’s included in the TOC. H1 technically can’t be in another block level element because it’s a block level element itself. So putting a headline into a blockquote might be working in a modern browser, because they try to interpret anything you throw at them, but “real” structured markup tools won’t understand this.

Oh okay. I see what you mean. Thanks

I see the issue now. TOC doesn’t take h4, Is there a reason why it doesn’t?

Yes, it can. See:

Yes. The default configuration limits the TOC to <h2> and <h3> elements.

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Why would you want a heading element inside a blockquote? I know it is allowed but I don’t believe it would make much sense for the document structure.

A blockquote can be something that is not just your common Elon Musk quote, it can be a whole chapter of some scientific work with all the subheadings and illustrations of that work. It’s a markup element to mark up “not my own text” in content.

I’m aware of the use of the blockquote element thank you. There are IMO better ways to represent “…a whole chapter of scientific work…” and I think you’ll be hard pushed to find any such example in the real world.

The blockquote element indicates that the enclosed text is an extended quotation. Quotations do not normally contain headings or illustrations.

Well, good that you are not part of the W3C. Quotations can be blockquote, but blockquote does not mean it’s a quotation. And that’s the beauty of HTML.

It must be a quote.

Content inside a blockquote must be quoted from…

The full quote is:

Content inside a blockquote must be quoted from another source, whose address, if it has one, may be cited in the cite attribute.

That same URI also states:

Content model:
Flow content.

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This discussion has veered off the topic.

For general HTML discussions there are other channels.

Thank you for your understanding.

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