Symlinks error blocks site rendering in hugo server in 0.50

In a project of mine I have a symlink of the folder /static/images/ under /assets/

In previous versions of Hugo I was getting the error about Symbolic links for directories not supported in the console, but the site rendered fine when I executed hugo server and when deployed on Netlify.

Now in 0.50 the rendering is blocked and I am greeted with this error in the browser:

ERROR 2018/10/29 13:44:36 Symbolic links for directories not supported, skipping "/home/alex/Desktop/project/assets/images"

Is this is a regression or is this is a case of it was not supposed to work until we fixed it?

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No, the change in 0.50 is that we now show errors in the browser. That is a feature, not a regression.

If you don’t want that:

hugo server --disableBrowserError

Ah, that’s cool. I asked this already at Twitter and you recommended me to post here in the forum. @alexandros asked the same question.


Can disableBrowserError also be used in the config of a project?

PS I also want to say that last week when I first tested browser errors I didn’t encounter this issue.

Yes to the first.

And we have always logged an ERROR here, but that doesn’t matter.

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But note that the above ERROR probably falls into the “should be WARNING, but is ERROR to be visible”. I have an issue that is about fixing that.

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