Symlinks error blocks site rendering in hugo server in 0.50


In a project of mine I have a symlink of the folder /static/images/ under /assets/

In previous versions of Hugo I was getting the error about Symbolic links for directories not supported in the console, but the site rendered fine when I executed hugo server and when deployed on Netlify.

Now in 0.50 the rendering is blocked and I am greeted with this error in the browser:

ERROR 2018/10/29 13:44:36 Symbolic links for directories not supported, skipping "/home/alex/Desktop/project/assets/images"

Is this is a regression or is this is a case of it was not supposed to work until we fixed it?


No, the change in 0.50 is that we now show errors in the browser. That is a feature, not a regression.

If you don’t want that:

hugo server --disableBrowserError

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Ah, that’s cool. I asked this already at Twitter and you recommended me to post here in the forum. @onedrawingperday asked the same question.



Can disableBrowserError also be used in the config of a project?

PS I also want to say that last week when I first tested browser errors I didn’t encounter this issue.


Yes to the first.

And we have always logged an ERROR here, but that doesn’t matter.


But note that the above ERROR probably falls into the “should be WARNING, but is ERROR to be visible”. I have an issue that is about fixing that.