Support WebM video

I wonder if I can embed video webm through hugos markdown
Or rather, how can I accomplish this?

You need to create a Hugo shortcode for WebM video. See the docs about Hugo Shortcodes.

Also why have you posted a link to Google’s Vietnam page?

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Is there not already a generic video shortcode? WebM has nothing special (except that’s it’s free software and unpatented) and uses plain HTML5 video tag. So any <video> implementation should be fine :slight_smile:

No there isn’t. There are YouTube and Vimeo shortcodes. See towards the bottom of the list of

Perhaps they were trying to recreate a Doodle.

IMHO something like this would be much more beneficial for Hugo than, say, Sass. To date Hugo has done a great job liberating the Web but lacks some core Web affordances to set it apart from the competition.

Created a topic to discuss this in broad context:

Regarding WebM, sure perhaps it compresses a little better but that carrot might not be enough to enable it to surpass MP4 as the Web’s most-used, unencumbered open source video codec AFAIK.