Sunset for universal analytics

Following this announcement, when will Hugo deprecate GA v3? I want to be prepared if possible.

On July 1, 2023 , standard Universal Analytics properties will stop processing new hits.

After that date, one would assume. If you wish to use Google Analytics of whatever flavour after that date you will be on v4 at that point. If not, it’s not a question of Hugo deprecating the old method. V4 rolled out in October 2020 and it’s not new that it will eventually lead to the demise of v3. Prepare now.

Hugo provides a way in the configuration file to use GA v3. I was using it. That is what I am asking from Hugo’s side and when it will be removed (perhaps ‘deprecate’ is the wrong term).

In the meantime. I have found minimal analytics today so I have moved on from the internal template.

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And I answered to you that Hugo won’t remove a feature before it’s deprecated. Good on you to have found a better analytics tool.

I like that spirit. I am not a fan of GA v4, since the JS file is 10 times the size of my biggest webpage in Hugo. So I still have some time to find an alternative. Cheers!

Not a fan of GA v4 as I am currently using Minimal Analytics (not the Hugo one).

But for my next project I will need to go with v4 hence I put something on my post what I will be doing, to make sure GA is not blocked by AdBlockers but also not killing performance of our website.

Google Universal Analytics property is shutting down. Here is what you need to know.

I have tried that implementation and I also face the problem of the redirect not working, if my live stats are anything to go by. Perhaps using workers is a good idea, if only you could share an example of how you do it yourself.

I am using Netlify, hence not need to use workers to do redirection. Even if you skip redirection (in cost of blocking by adblockers), and just go into delay approach it shall work.

Will have a look on that much deeply and if needed will update accordingly.

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