.Summary from page bundle file

When I need a summary for a page, I create a summary.md file as a page bundle resource and pick it as such in template via .Resources.GetMatch. It would be convenient (not just for me, I think), if it be included into look-up chain for .Summary.

This approach has several advantages.

Maximum precision and freedom of expression

A summary is not necessarily a subset of the main text. The longer the text, the more often is this the case. Different people write differently, and not necessarily in the man page style. Length is not a problem.

Offloading content from custom markup

Markdown should be kept as clean as possible.

Less error-prone for multilingual sites

Suppose I run a website in four languages. It is quite a realistic scenario in Europe. Now, in order to see that I haven’t forgot to deal with subjects for a new article, I just need to count subject.*.md files. Sure, we all know how to use grep, but counting files is easier IMHO.