Split config.yml

I have the following content structure

└ EN
└─ magazine1
└── Article 1…
└── Article 2…
└─ magazine 2…
└─ magazine1
└── Article 1…
└── magazine 2…

Each magazine has a title, a menu and other parameters that are different from the rest of the magazines.

Is it possible to create a config for each magazine that contains its own parameters and menus?

for example creating the configs structure:

└ _default

No, it is not.

If you need to store data specific to a given page or section, use a data file.

Hello jmooring! Thank you very much.

The idea was to be able to control the menus more clearly. if each magazine has its own menu which can have 20 or 30 items. I didn’t want to have a file that was too large with all the menus in which it would be difficult to add or remove items in each magazine. but then no have other option than to have everything in a single config.


  1. If the menu entries are pages, you can define menu membership in front matter instead of using site configuration. You can also cascade the value down from the root of each section.
  2. Create your own menu system using data files as mentioned in my previous reply.
  3. Create a navigation UI by walking the section (recursive partial).

Thank you very much! now I understand it better.

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