Speakerdeck Shortcode leaves blank space


I am using speakerdeck short code to show my presentation, and I find there is a big chunk of blank space at the bottom. How do I remove this blank space.

Hello @rjain15,

could you share a public presentation on Speakerdeck that creates this issue?

I had the same problem.
It was because the data-ratio for my slides were “1.77777777777778” while the shortcode set it to “1.33333333333333”.

I created my own shortcode at layout/shortcodes/speakerdeck2.html with the following line <script async class="speakerdeck-embed" data-id="{{ index .Params 0 }}" data-ratio="{{ index .Params 1 }}" src="//speakerdeck.com/assets/embed.js"></script>. Then you can use {{< speakerdeck2 dataid dataratio >}}.