[SOLVED] What precisely are the helpers for?

I am not sure to understand the use of helpers/. Are they a toolbox for templates or is the scope a bit larger?

Thanks by advance.

The scope is as large as it gets – and the package’s name is a little misleading. Due to Go’s “no cyclic package” rule, the helpers package is a package with no outgoing dependencies, but a lot of incoming.

Ok this is what I thought.

By no incoming dependendies, do you mean there is no import within the hugo tree? (i.e. hugolib for instance)


Thanks @bep.

It is sometimes complicated for me to understand what each file stands for and what’s the behaviour of each function.

I counted that tpl/template_funcs.go is around 2k lines long and there are as few as 156 comment lines. I think it would have been easier to me if there had been more documentation inside the code :confused:

I am so sorry to disturb, but I really want to help…