[SOLVED] Type by file pattern, not just directory?

Noticed at the end of this page https://gohugo.io/content/archetypes/ it mentions the --kind flag, but I could not find it in the command line reference. Did I miss it?

I am looking at this b/c I am trying to figure out if there is a way to specify type by file name pattern rather then just directory location. I have a situation where my blog posts are mixed in with regular pages, but can be identified by the file name starting with a date in ISO format.

Not sure what archetypes got to do with your question … but your main question:

  • Type can be set in front matter of the page
  • If not set Type gets its value from the Section, which is the first folder from the content root

And --kind is in the command reference.

Thanks. I found it. I was a little confused.