[SOLVED] Theme not rendering on site

Hi! I apologize if a similar question has been asked here before, but I’ve skimmed through the boards, and can’t find any thread with a solution to my problem. I have been trying to set up a simple Hugo site on a personal server, and tried to follow the quick start tutorial to get started. Now I have some of the site set up, but the ananke theme still won’t render on the site when I look it up through a browser. The only thing that currently shows up is the title of the site and the first post on a blank background. I’ve copied some of the ananke theme’s config.toml into the site’s config.toml, but this still does not make the background show up. Could someone please let me know of a way to get the theme to show on the site? Thanks!

It’s hard to give advice without seeing your code. Could you post a link to a git repository?


A common cause of this kind of problem is when you haven’t set baseURL in config.toml.

Thanks for the link! I don’t think I have a git repository, but I can copy my site’s config.toml here. The site is hosted on the server at, and I don’t know the port number, but I guessed that it was 80.

baseURL = ""
languageCode = "en-us"
title = "New_Site"
theme = "ananke"

MetaDataFormat = "yaml"
DefaultContentLanguage = "en"
SectionPagesMenu = "main"
Paginate = 3 # this is set low for demonstrating with dummy content. Set to a higher number
googleAnalytics = ""
enableRobotsTXT = true

  changefreq = "monthly"
  priority = 0.5
  filename = "sitemap.xml"

  favicon = ""
  description = "The last theme you'll ever need. Maybe."
  facebook = ""
  twitter = ""
  instagram = ""
  youtube = ""
  github = ""
  linkedin = ""
  # choose a background color from any on this page: http://tachyons.io/docs/themes/skins/ and preface it with "bg-"
  background_color_class = "bg-black"
  featured_image = "/images/gohugo-default-sample-hero-image.jpg"
  recent_posts_number = 2

Please tell me if any other information is needed, thanks!

I should also say that the page I’m accessing is located at Would it help if I changed the baseURL to that?

@Andy42 you haven’t said what the web server is. Listen, the way to debug this is to see if you can see the site locally. If it works when you run hugo server, then you know the site is working.

Then it is a matter of configuring the web server. We can’t support web server questions in general, so whatever your server is, Apache or nginx, whatever, go read up on how to serve pages, such as which directory and which permissions it should have, etc.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

Ok, thanks! I’ll read up on Apache then.

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