[SOLVED] Post as the main menu button (same function)

Hi all,


I want to edit the post to work just like clicks on the main title MAINROAD.
how do I edit/add commands “examplepost.md”?


@Tomas68, your question is written in a way that is open to interpretation. You appear to want to edit something with the menu or something. I’d try asking the theme author after double-checking the theme readme.

If you can’t solve your issue, you should probably use more words to describe the affect you are going for. You should know that we don’t field general CSS or layout questions here, so please make sure this is a Hugo issue. :slight_smile:

Sorry, my English is not good :-/

Title “MAINROAD” has the function to return to the main page after clicking.
The same function I want to have for the post “JEKYLL MIGRATION”

(this function works for both the normal page (Web) and the localhost test server)



it’s possible to modify post file “migrate-from-jekyll.md” to work as a function to return to the main page?

If you want the first entry in the main menu to be a Home link, you’ll need to edit/override the theme.

The best way to do this is to make a copy of the file menu.html from the theme/layouts/partials directory into `layout/partials’. Doing this overrides the way the theme works. Then edit this file to give the menu entries you want.

Have a read of

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