[solved] Page within subdirectory inside content sometimes works, sometimes doesn't

So I have some weirdness going on with one of my pages. I have a content directory with multiple subdirectories that display pages on my site, including a /content/posts/ subdirectory that lists all content from /posts on one page.

The folder is /content/sdr/ and within the sdr folder there is an sdr.html file as well as more subfolders such as /content/sdr/1 through 11 that simply contain html files such as 1.html so the full path would be /content/sdr/1/1.html.

So instead of displaying the sdr.html page when I navigate to sdr, I just get a page displaying all the html files from all the subdirectories within sdr.

How do I make it so that the sdr.html page shows up correctly instead of the page automatically pulling in all the subdirectories onto one page?

Extra info:
Now if I change the name of the sdr.html file to index.html, when I load this page on my website, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. What I mean is, maybe it will initially load the index.html page correctly and display links to each subdirectory. But sometimes when I save the said index.html file, it reloads the page and instead of displaying the index.html file it pulls in each of the html files from the subdirectories and just lists them on the page.

Tl;dr: page displays a a list of the html files within the sdr subdirectories instead of the actual sdr.html page.

Edit: This was solved by removing a line in my list.html: {{ range .Paginator.Pages }} and renaming all my pagename.html files to _index.html.