[SOLVED] Datafile size and hugo overload

I don’t know what happened - I worked on my website, then somebody called me on the phone. Then I returned to my computer and 2 partials were missing. I looked at them and their data .yml files - they were absolutely fine and correct. This was very strange! After two days of investigation I found that if I rename the file testimonial.yml (a data file for testimonial.html partial) to start with another character - it srarts working! E.g. atestimonial.yml works, while testimonial.yml does not. Of course I renamed links to the data file in the partial as well!

I started the initial empty template as a reference - testimonial.yml and testimonial.html do work there!

I copied all my customized content - .yml, .html, .js and .css - into a new template - and partials that were missing are missing in the new site as well.

Can anybody explain me what may be going on?!
Thank you!

There is more to this story.

But if you share your code, or create a minimal reproducible example, maybe we can help you figure out what went wrong.

I want to tell those who may be interested what had happened to my partials that had suddenly vanished: I kept adding data to one of .yml files - and when it reached 54.5kb, its partial vanished! Hugo became overloaded and stopped rendering it! There were a total of 7 .yml files. Hugo’s overload affected another .yml file - I don’t know why exactly this one, it has nothing in common with the 1st one - and its partial vanished too. Later I noticed that if I would rename it (I could add any character at its beginning), its partial would show up. The rest of .yml files were unaffected and their partials kept working fine.