Should we open a blog for Hugo?

New to HUGO, but I have been on top of developments and predicting the need for static site generators as a development phase for note organizers like Evernote, and TheBrain, and page-mockers like Corel Draw, for a decade.

I have been through it trying to find the tools to fit my needs as a knowledge-level engineer and hacker-developer. HUGO has a thing - simple, direct, and I am hoping flexible and powerful with regards to keywording and search. I am just arriving, recall.

So, a blog should firstly not be about HUGO - it could literally cover any subject. But it should BE HUGO - a demonstration, a sampling. So, you need two good high concepts - and I would say the second should be about high level KM/KE/IE developments and overview. All you need is an editor to set it up, manage it, get feeds, perfect tricks, and show how its done, and stick to a clear ideal of what the path of development MUST BE.

I definitely support the blog, I think in terms of content curation and editing, what if posts were done on github, but we used the forum to help determine what gets posted?
We could make a new topic each month and the community could comment with title ideas, drafts, etc. Articles can get both votes and community input on edits so that contributors can submit their PRs with confidence. That gives us quality content, ownership and is totally in keeping with spirit of fostering the Hugo open source community without running as much risk of alienating more non-technical people that might add value.