Shell Theme - Page Gets Cut Off

Hey folks, I’m building my first Hugo site, and have few coding skills. Apologies in advance for any n00bness.

I’m using the Shell theme which I like a lot.

I have a really long list of files (a few hundred) I’d like to include in the files section:

files = [ 
    ["C/C++", ""],
    ["Python", ""],
    ["Go", ""],
    ["Hugo", "/post/"],
    ["Docker", "/post/"],

When I go beyond a certain number, the page just gets cut off.

I was thinking of putting in a scroll option, but I’m open to different solutions. My preference would be to have a long list on the front page (rather than. numbered pages).

Any help would be much appreciated. :slight_smile:

I haven’t hosted it yet, I’m still building it locally on my machine.

Please raise your question with the theme author.