Serving Docs from Hugo repo

When we create a PR for Hugo that would affect Hugo Docs, I know we’re supposed to include the Docs changes in the Hugo PR. For example.

To see how my Docs changes look, I wanted to run the site locally but it’s failing. When running hugo serve -s docs/ from the root directory I get the error:

ERROR 2018/09/21 22:04:58 Failed to add template “shortcodes/code.html” in path “shortcodes/code.html”: template: shortcodes/code.html:5: unexpected “=” in operand
ERROR 2018/09/21 22:04:59 shortcodes/code.html : template: shortcodes/code.html:5: unexpected “=” in operand

Followed by tons of related errors for pages relying on that shortcode.

Same error if I run cd docs first and then hugo serve.

What am I doing wrong? The script docs/ script doesn’t work and the script does update Docs but then there’s several unrelated commits in my PR which we wouldn’t want.

Sounds like a Go-related issue? Are you using the latest version?
At least that’s what I’m getting from unexpected "=" operand, since it looks like Scratch was recently removed from that shortcode:

I’m using Go v1.11.

Though, I’m using the Hugo snap to run Docs so I don’t believe my local Go version shouldn’t have anything to do with me.

Very strange.