SCSS not compiling when moddifying .scss, only .html


My .scss compile Okay, but not when I make a change in my scss file, only when I change my html files.
My .CSS never gets compiled unless I modify some html file.

I have:


My index.html calls a partial, header.html
My header.html calls another partial, scripts.html

and my scripts.html do the get.Resources and compile my _scss files into .css right from the /assets/ folder.

Things work OKay, but only if I make a change to one of the .html files. If I, for instance, update any of the scss files, even the main one, no liveroad updates are registered:

This is what happens when I update a .scss file (in this case, assets/styles/style.scss)

INFO 2019/01/24 18:43:31 Received System Events: ["C:\\hugo\\motherbase\\themes\\notes-theme\\assets\\styles\\style.scss": WRITE "C:\\hugo\\motherbase\\themes\\notes-theme\\assets\\styles\\style.scss": WRITE]

I don’t see anywhere in that log how Hugo compiles the scss into a css file.

Any ideas what could it be wrong?

My calls to scss are straightforward:

{{ $style := resources.Get "styles/style.scss" | resources.ToCSS | minify }}

{{ $bootstrap := resources.Get "styles/bootstrap.scss" | resources.ToCSS | minify }}

I found out my problem.

The theme I was playing with had: ignorefiles = [".scss$"] (was an old theme someone left in a github, erased it before posting this last message, been looking for it in my browser’s history for twenty minutes, can’t find it!).

Anyway, hopefully it helps someone else: first check if you are ignoring the scss files. Your theme might be doing strange things through the config file (doesn’t hurts to check!)