Scaling an interactive bokeh plot?

I’ve created the plot so it uses only JavaScript for the interactivity, saved the plot as an html file, and put that into the blog post inside an iframe:

<iframe seamless src="/plot.html" width="1200" height="800"></iframe>

This works, but the scaling is all wrong. I’ve set the plot to be in a figure of height and width 1200 and 800, but the iframe shows the plot scaled to be too big - so big in fact that only part of it is displayed. I’m not quite sure how to get the scaling in my blog post to be equal to that in the original html.

Would that be a theme issue, and can it be changed with css?

Hi @amca. I moved your reply (question) to a new topic since the old topic already had an answer.

Thanks! - I’ve edited the post so it’s more of a new question.

Hi @amca, make sure you set layouts.sizing_mode to fixed when you want to determine the width and height of the plot yourself.

Thanks - I did that and it works fine on its own page. This means if I have a link in my blog post such as


the plot renders fine in a page of its own, reached by the plot link. But what I can’t do (at least - not yet) is to display the plot directly in the blog post itself. I’ve tried using an iframe, which I simply can’t get to work (always wrong size, and pushed too far over to the right), and I can’t find out how to embed an html file directly into a page rather than by a link. Anyway - thank you, and I’ll keep trying!