Running Cypress browser tests as part of the Netlify PR workflow

Judging by 1) The little amount of info available on this subject on the internet and 2) The amount of gray hair I accumulated setting this up, I assume that more people will find this information useful:



Having worked with Nightwatch.js and Selenium the big advantage in Cypress seems to be that all tests can be checked afterwards not only on the console but in a nice user interface… looking good. I am playing around with it.

I would not call that the big advantage …

I think this article sums it up nicely: Cypress vs. Selenium: Why Cypress is the better option - LogRocket Blog (even it if is a bit tabloid).

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Well, for MY requirements, like accessibility and design tests. For solely Hugo related requirements Nightwatch was good enough and all that Cypress brings in is that the whole async and waitfor stuff falls away. Big step forward.