[RESOLVED] Has something changed with .Site.Data handling?

Hey there,

I was not able to find any relevant changes from the relnotes but .Site.Data does not behave as it used to.

Here’s my data directory

 -- en
 -- -- badges.json
 -- fr
 -- -- badges.json
 -- socials.json

I used .Site.Data.socials to iterate on the socials.

After upgrading to 0.35 .Site.Data.socials returns nil

So does .Site.Data.en.badges and .Site.Data.fr.badges
a printf of .Site.Data will output

&map[string]interface {}{"fr":map[string]interface {}{}, "en":map[string]interface {}{}}

Anything I missed ?

Look at the recent bugs …

Of course how could I missed it.
I’ll reference it here if people are curious: https://github.com/gohugoio/hugo/issues/4361

Thanks for the help.