Rendering of unicode characters in front matter

Hi there,

I’m having issues rendering unicode characters in YAML front matter, as in MWE below. I’ve played around with the Markup configuration (unsafe rendering of HTML…), to no avail…

title: Hello – World

Place content here.

Any help will be much appreciated! Thanks!

– is not a Unicode character. it’s an “HTML entity” of the Unicode character you wish to display.


– ← this is the Unicode character you wish to display. The probably easiest solution to your issue is to copy-paste it in place of your entity.


You could rethink how your title frontmatter is handled. It might be run through .Render or .markdownify or some custom function or not be parsed at all. So the issue is within the layout file that displays the title where you wish to see it.

Ok got it, thanks @davidsneighbour!

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