Related to prismjs performance issues

If you are using prismjs on client side with line numbers a plugin, have large DOM, and some long code highlighted, is almost sure scrolling on mobile (real device, !emulated), users are experimenting long rendering times, also maybe freezing screen for more than a second if web worker is not in use. Even with web worker with this event, things are toooo slow.

There is one code that come by default on this line that is causing serious performance degradation. I already opened a issue there, but for now, the simple way is just to remove that event listener ‘resize’ on the js file. In my setup works fine without that event, but not sure for combination with other plugins.

Tip: Hugo 0.60, released today, allows turning on/off linenumbers and hightlight line ranges etc. per code block (also in Markdown) … natively using Chroma.


Sure i will give it a try.