Related Posts and build performance

Does this apply if I use a front matter variable for related posts instead of .Related?

Can you eolaborate a little, be more specific?

I have a category defined in the front matter and I use that to sort posts in my related posts’ section. Does that slow down the build? Like, say {{ range where .Site.Pages "Params.category" "movies" }} or this.

No, that query should be fine – it’s when you try to manually find related posts to every page when you often end up in a slow quadractic loop. .Related creates on-the-fly inverted indices which is really fast, and I would suspect they would give you a better/relevant (at least more varied) “Related post” listing.

Awesome! I have just come across that topic on using sections for related posts and it might come in handy in my next project.

Have a look at this wonderful @regis article:

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