{{range .Pages.By Title}}

{{range .Pages.By Title}} works unstable what to do


Please give a detailed description of the issue you encountered with the .ByTitle method.

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ya zakhozhu v kategoriyu i funktsiyey {{ range .Pages }} vyvozhu spisok kartochek, v odnoy iz kartochek klikayu na knopku chitat’ bol’she s sylkoy {{ .Permalink }}, popadayu v podkatalog s etoy kartochkoy, posle ya cherez breadcrumbs vozvrashchayus’ s spisku kartochek i {{ range .Pages }} ne renderit stranitsy, otsutstvuyet kontent kategorii



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I go to a category and use the {{range .Pages}} function to display a list of cards, in one of the cards I click on the read more button with the {{.Permalink}} link, I find myself in a subdirectory with this card, then I return from the list of cards through breadcrumbs and {{range .Pages}} does not render pages, category content is missing

It seems that this is an issue with the breadcrumbs menu template.
As far as I know the filtering method .ByTitle works fine.

We cannot guess what’s going on in your project without seeing a minimal project that reproduces the issue you describe.

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thanks i have already solved my problem

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