QuickStart: too Linux Specific

I am not a unix user and I find the quickstart too Linux oriented.

The " Quick Install" says:

Binary (Cross-platform)

Ideally, you should install it somewhere in your PATH for easy use. /usr/local/bin is the most probable location.

what is that?

Then for Windows only Chocalately and Scoop are described

Hugo is used from the commandline, even in Windows. So you learn about paths and installing binaries, or you use a package manager for your OS; Windows uses those you mentioned, presumably because it isn’t as easy as other systems.

If you are not comfortable with the commandline Hugo is not for you.

Same thing in Windows. You can install to C:\Hugo and then add C:\Hugo to the $PATH variable in Windows System Properties, Env. Variables section.

The quick start is written using a MacBook, but I see your point. It fits better for people using Unix – and we will try to improve, but the command line terms are very similar.

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