Pygments and the startinline option for PHP code blocks #1633


I tried to render some PHP code in a blog post but I did not succeed to do it whereas I was able to do it with HTML or Go snippets. After looking at the configuration of Pygments for PHP I discovered that PHP snippets need to start with PHP’s anchor tags. There is an option that allow Pygments to do not take care about this rule:

    startinline = True

I tried to implement it in my code block, but it did not work.

{{< highlight php "startinline=true">}}

function sandbox_commerce_checkout_pane_info() {
  $panes['paper_gift'] = array(
    'title' => t('Paper gifts'),
    'base' => 'paper_gift_pane',
    'page' => 'checkout',

  return $panes;
{{< /highlight >}}

Regarding Hugo’s source code, this option is not mentionned. Is there a way to pass extra parameters ?

Yes … or maybe …