Product family, product pages & product sub-pages?

Hi all,

New to Hugo and liking it so far – thanks!

I’m working on a product information site. The information hierarchy is similar to the Apple website:

Product family e.g.
Product e.g. …/imac-pro/ (OR …/mac/imac-pro/ would work for me too)
Product sub pages e.g. …/imac-pro/specs/

I’ve had a good read through the docs and hacked on some code but I’m starting to feel I’m missing something obvious.

I’ve tried using the new Resources feature but I’m stuck with that as the sub-page does not have its own {{ .Permalink }}.

I’ve also understood that support for subsections is coming soon, but I’m unclear if that would be actually needed to implement the above site structure.

If anyone could enlighten me, I’d be most grateful!

Subsections / Nested sections in Hugo were introduced last June.

See Content Management at the Docs to see how to go about organizing your content according to your needs.

As you found out content pages that are part of the new Page Bundles don’t get their own URL.

Thanks, but I meant support for different layouts in subsections:
The docs say:
"It is currently not possible to add a specific layout for one of the sub-sections."

The way I read it, I’m trying to do something that’s currently not possible. Really no workaround?

Sorry if I’m being dumb!

See my workaround to achieve this over here.