Previous / Next links below post are not visible on the page

I placed the Previous and Next buttons below the posts on both List template and Single page template.

The problem is that they don’t appear on the single post on a live site. They work fine on localhost, they are visible when I open the file from public folder locally, but on the live website those buttons are not visible on the single post page.

Any ideas?

Here’s the website -
(I am still trying to resolve the ssl certificate issue with Netlify)



The corresponding div tag is completely empty:

<div class="nav-links" style="padding:0;">

There must be an issue in your template, I guess.

Yes, correct, but it’s not empty when I open it locally, or on localhost. It becomes empty once it’s on the live website.

It all looks just fine after Hugo command. All the posts in Public folder are OK.

That is strange, indeed.

Could you share the relevant code section?

I use something like this:

{{ with .NextInSection }}
    <strong>Next: </strong><a href="{{ .Permalink }}">{{ .Title }}</a>
{{ end }}

This is my code, which works fine on List page template btw.

 <div class="nav-links" style="padding:0;">
        {{ if .PrevInSection }}
        <a href="{{.PrevInSection.Permalink}}"><span class="arrow">←</span> Prethodni post</a>
        {{ end }}
        {{ if .NextInSection }}
        <a href="{{.NextInSection.Permalink}}">Sledeći Post <span class="arrow">→</span></a>
        {{ end }}

That looks perfectly all right.

If there is no Netlify error message, I’m at a loss.

Maybe you can share a repo.

Just a quick idea:

Netlify allows you to upload your website by just dragging the public folder into the deploy screen.

This way you can test whether there is a Netlify problem—which is not very probable.

Same thing. I’ll test a site on my vps later today, just to make sure whether it’s Netlify problem or not.

[UPDATE] Turns out that bottom links are working once the site is not hosted on Netlify.

For example, here’s one of the single posts -

That’s good to know. Otherwise it would hardly have been possible.

You can let your domain point to Netlify so it should work with your domain, too.

(As you mentioned Netlify in your first post, I thought your site was already there. But yet, it’s a strange issue.)

Yes, it is on Netlify. Obviously there’s a problem. Page renders differently on Netlify.