Prevent posts all over the place

I experience that all my content shows up on every page I create.

I use the hugo-tikva theme, but I’m not sure it is a theme issue. I have menus set up, however, if I create an md file, it shows up everywhere.

Is it possible to limit the visibility of certain items on certain list pages?

I’ve tried adding a type to the frontmatter, but I don’t know how to link the type to a directory and/or a menu item.

Any help are welcome, thanks.


That’s buggy, and doesn’t happen normally. Share your site project and we can debug. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your support.

The site is online:

And here is all the data:

So I have my two SOTA test posts all over the place, regardless of where I navigate in the menus. It is in ham/sota, and I’d like to see it there.


Yes, this is a theme issue. There is one list template, and it iterates over .Site.RegularPages which is a collection of every content page anywhere in your content directory.


the theme and documentation are far away from being complete. It is still work in progress and currently some features of Hugo aren’t supported.

This doesn’t inspire much confidence. Unless you’re comfortable creating and modifying templates, I would either (a) contact the theme author for assistance (, or (b) use a different theme.

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